Winter Tires Can Help Drivers Stay in Control

Winter driving
Be Protected! Old man winter is coming around the corner and with him comes sub-zero temperatures, wind chills that make the hair on your arms freeze, and slippery roads that make it harder to stay in control when driving.

One of the ways to prepare for a snowy, icy drive is to switch to winter tires. They can improve traction and help drivers stay in control in harsh winter conditions. They work by self-clearing the snow as they roll, which provides a consistent grip. They’re made with rubber that retains elasticity at lower temperatures. Summer and all-season tires begin to lose traction at around 7o Celsius, while winter tires can handle up to -40o Celsius.

At Unica, we encourage safe driving at all times, especially during winter weather. We believe that our customers who use winter tires deserve to be rewarded! We offer a 10% Winter Tires discount if your vehicle is equipped with four winter tires from November to March.

Contact your insurance broker! If you practice safe driving and plan to install winter tires for the upcoming winter season, contact your insurance broker today to see how you can get this additional 10% discount.